I still wanna work in a record shop ……

My dream early teenage job was to work in a record shop and still is I suppose. To be fair when this became my aim it was just at the end of the vinyl era (but way before the vinyl revival!) just as cassette tapes were becoming all the rage but soon to be replaced by CDs as the last mass marketed form of physical music. I still say record shop though ……

I always figured it wouldn’t really seem like a job. I’d be spending my day listening to music I love and getting to hear music I’d never heard before. All us staff members would spend our days chatting about music we like and the work nights out would be live music heaven. Customers would come in and I could subtly point them in the right direction in, in my opinion, they had dodgy music taste. So maybe I love High Fidelity and Empire Records a bit too much but even before these 2 classics I still imagined it would be like that.

Unfortunately this seems very unlikely in today’s times. My town has no specific shops for to bay music in and neither has our closest shopping centre. The only choices are a couple of large supermarket chains who sell top 40 CDs. When the local independent sores were still around I resented large music retailers like HMV and Virgin. Before too long these were the only stores left and I was pretty devastated when my local HMV store closed and left me with no music retailers less than 25 miles away. I briefly found a semi-independant I loved (again, 25 miles away) but over the years and several premises moves it’s now managed to completely lose it’s charm.

I know in this internet age everything music wise can be bought online or downloaded instantly to your PC. This and streaming are definitely the preferred methods today but the physical copy always wins in my case. For me , nothing beats spending a stray hour ambling around a shop full of music. Maybe making a mental purchase list and, best of all, spotting something random that catches your eye, buying on a whim and finding a gem!

Peace and love.

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