Less judgement, more random hugs!!

I posted this one on facebook yesterday and figured I’d like to post it on here too.  Just to add a little bit of background to the story, the dad told me that they had to pay for IVF for their older son as his wife was 42 and they didn’t qualify for NHS treatment and there was only a 10% chance of success although number 2 came easily.  This is something very close to my heart as I’ve just had my first child at 40 and was at risk of a baby with chromosomal issues – thankfully Arlo was born completely healthly but we refused the tests.  This family are an inspiration 🙂

So I lost my mum in the shopping centre today and was sitting on one of the bench things in the middle. A man sat down beside me with his 2 boys. One of the boys, both of whom had downs syndrome, came over and gave me a massive hug then an even bigger one – made my day!! . Me and their dad got chatting and he told me their story. This world needs less judgement and more random hugs ✌️

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